As a poet, artist and organizer, Reyes performs internationally and facilitates educational performances and workshops by merging creative expression and critical thought. His mission is to provide a participatory educational environment through poetry and hip-hop to address issues of social justice and cultural identity. 

His work has been featured on HBO, CNN, PBS, The Chicago Tribunes Hoy Noticias, Latin Nation, Chicago Public Radio, National Public Radio, Pacifica, WBAI, and Democracy Now.

As an interdisciplinary artist he has worked with national activist, organizers, educators and artists such as: Dr. Cornel West, Lolita Lebron, Dolores Huerta, Oliver Stone, Minster Louis Farrakhan, and Kanye West, to name a few.

As a founder and Program & Outreach Director, Reyes oversees program development, curriculum delivery and fostering relationships with the public and private sector community. 

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