Cyrah Dardas is an artist, educator and curator. Her work centers around themes of American identity, queer identity, feminism, and Detroit culture. 

Cyrah has worked with various arts organizations in Detroit as well as internationally. In 2011, Cyrah formed a youth street art collective in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Once Cyrah returned to Detroit in 2013, she began working in afterschool arts programming with organizations such as the Boggs School, Living Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit Teen Arts council, and the Detroit Waldorf School. Cyrah is a Resident Artist for Project Art, as well as People In Education where she is facilitating programming for Alternatives For Girls.

Cyrah co- founded an organization called Art Babes with Bree Gant and most recently organized a multidisciplinary art exhibition called Theotokos, featuring the work of Detroit Native Artists such as Tylonn J Sawyer, Sydney James, Sabrina Nelson, Nic Notion and Jamaal May. 

As Creative Director, Cyrah oversees all artist participation to ensure involvement remains impactful. She is additionally responsible for curating the organization's branding and marketing strategies. 

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